We are Você São Paulo

We are an innovative district based in São Paulo.
Our goal is helping to raise environmental sustainability.

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Você São Paulo is a project of an innovation district based in São Paulo, we are a team of young people that believe in an unique project: the grow of environmental sustainability.

We are providing our services to address several issues in the best way and to make this city better! Our service consists in research and communication, working with our partners and we do our best to support the project and our idea.

Our Services


There are a lot services in this area of the district, from refreshment points to accommodation places, library, auditorium, meeting rooms, startup boxes, coworking areas and laboratories.

Zero Park

The Zero Park is the most important area of our district because represents our project and here you can find these service: refreshment points, theatre, greenhouse, bike renting & benches.

Exhibition Area

An area where we show the projects in which we work, allowing people to know. Here you can find: workshop rooms, mini-exhibition areas, conference rooms and a complete service area.

Other Services

The other services in our district are a lot because we want to give you a nice experience. In the district you will find: footpaths, elevators, free wi-fi, parking lots and every place is accessible for handicapped.

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This project has the goal to improve the situation regarding waste with a sustainable plan.
The main collaborators of this project are the Catadores, a group of people that pick the recyclable waste and bring it to our district, where we recycle and reuse that waste for our projects about the waste problem.



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